MindZeal facilitates interactive teaching

Designed based on the principles of ongoing formative assessment, MindZeal makes it easy for teachers to conduct classes, monitor student activities in real-time, manage assignments, evaluate performance, and provide feedback. The platform hosts course materials and the tools necessary to learn the subject online, thus allowing the teacher to focus on teaching and mentoring the students.

Students learn new concepts the right way

Learning has never been such a gratifying experience before! With MindZeal, the students stay motivated by the concepts that build up incrementally. They learn new concepts by interacting with the teacher and other peers, and receiving feedback for classwork and home assignments. MindZeal’s minimalistic design makes it easy for the students to navigate through the course and know their work in hand.

Introducing Fundamentals of Programming Logic

MindZeal introduces its first course, “Fundamentals of Programming Logic.” The course is for students and professionals who have no prior programming experience. The prerequisites for this course are basic elementary level mathematics - addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; and concepts such as prime numbers, least common denominator, highest common factor.

To teach the course, the teacher requires experience in basic programming concepts such as arithmetic expressions, boolean expressions, loops, and arrays. Depending on the grade level of students, and the duration and frequency of class meet-up sessions, the course may run from 3 to 9 months.

Send an email to admin@mindzeal.com to request a teacher account.

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